How to Fix Your Bad Teeth

by Frank Denber

Having bad teeth is a not only a health problem but can also cause emotional stress. In today's society only people with a perfect white smile are considered as attractive and successful. Earlier, having the perfect smile was only obtainable for movie stars and celebrities who could afford paying the high prices.

Today most of the cosmetic dental procedures are relatively cheap. While a perfect smile makeover still costs a small fortune, there is no reason anymore why you shouldn’t fix a bad tooth quickly, without much pain and less cost.

Depending on your bad tooth/teeth you have several options. The most popular treatment is a simple teeth whitening which makes stained teeth white again. Today the bleaching process works very well and is safe. There are many different home bleaching sets which take you several days or weeks to get your teeth white. However, if you are not satisfied with the results or don't like the hassles involved then its recommended to pay the higher price and get a 1 day power bleaching at your cosmetic dentist for best results.

Crooked teeth are the most common problem. Depending on how crooked they are you have different options. Slightly crooked teeth can be fixed instantly with porcelain veneers or composite resin veneers. The ultra thin veneers are directly attached to the surface of your tooth. A stronger crooked tooth will have to be shaped a little first. Veneers can be applied to all your teeth or just one. Gapped teeth can also be instantly fixed with veneers. For more information about veneers, read Dental Veneers: Transform Your Smile and Enhance Your Personality!

Really crooked teeth need to be aligned with aligners or braces. Aligners can fix slightly crooked teeth over time while braces are used when a stronger overall solution is needed. Today there are almost invisible braces which look much better then these metal braces we all hate. They are also much more comfortable to wear.

If the tooth is rotten and can't be saved then you must remove it and replace it by an implant. There is a brand new implant technology which gives you a new tooth within just one treatment. Before getting implants took months with much pain involved. Today it's much faster and less traumatic. After the CT scan unveiled the perfect point for the implant, the dentist uses a custom made prosthesis to drill with minimal invasion. You leave the chair with a new tooth in place.

A gummy smile is also a problem of many. No matter if you have perfect teeth, too much gum or an uneven gum line lets your teeth look short. Today the laser is the fix. Without pain the laser cuts the gum line within minutes.

There have been many advances the last years in cosmetic dentistry. There is no reason to have bad or unaesthetic teeth anymore.

Frank Denber provides detailed information on bad teeth, teeth whitening, implants and more at his web site

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